Spell – Attract A Lover

Love come to me –  Love Spell

It is best to perform this spell on a Friday when the moon is Waxing. Before carrying out this spell it is recommended that you take a ritual bath. Draw a bath of warm water and add 5 drops of sexual attraction oil. If you wish you can light some candles in the bathroom and burn some sexual attraction incense to create a very focused energy before you conduct the spell. After your have bathed, be sure to put on clean clothing (cotton if possible, or perform the spell skyclad (naked) if possible. Incense and Oils needed for this spell can be purchased from my online store.



Materials you will need :

  • 1 white candle
  • 1 pink candle
  • 2 red candles
  • Dancing Voice Sexual attraction oil
  • Dancing Voice Sexual attraction incense
  • 1 tsp of basil
  • An item of red clothing, new or old

Method :

Put 3 drops of sexual attraction oil into the palm of your left hand and holding the white candle in your right hand, rub the oil over the candle to anoint it with power. Place the candle on your altar or a table and secured in a safe way or in a holder. Do the same for the pink candle, also placing this in a holder once it has been anointed with the oil.

Place the white candle to the back left of the altar (table) and the pink to the back right.

Now do the same for the 2 red candles, 3 drops of oil for each candle and place these in holders in between the white and pink candles, but slightly in front.

In a suitable heat proof container, place a charcoal block and place the container in front of the red candles.

Have the basil and the red item of clothing close by.

You are now ready to perform the spell…

Light the white candle and the pink candles, and repeat the following words

“Love do come my way, by the laws of the Goddess Diana and in the eyes of the guardians and angels of the watchtowers, I wish for love to now enter my life”

Light the 2 red candles and say the following

“I am abundant in attraction and open for love and affection. May the universal guardians under the watchful eye of Diana bring forth my lover to love and cherish me. This is my will, so mote it be”

Now light the charcoal block and whilst you are waiting for the block to become hot and red, hold the basil in your right hand and visualise your lover coming forward and wanting to take you by the hand.

When the charcoal has been lit, sprinkle the basil over and as the smoke rises, say the following

“It is with love in my heart and attraction abound that I request my lover now come to me”

Pick up the piece of red clothing and hold it in your left hand, and visualise your lover coming for you soon. Sprinkle some sexual attraction incense on the charcoal block and then when the smoke rises, hold the item of clothing above the smoke so that it is cleansed in the smoke and say the following

“clothing of red, you are a beacon for my lover to follow. In the name of Diana, this is my will, so mote it be”

Drop 9 drops of sexual attraction oil onto the piece of clothing and place to one side.

If possible, allow the candles to burn down safely. If this is not possible then ignite by wetting the thumb and finger and pinching out the flame. DO NOT blow out the candle.

Carefully dispose of the charcoal block and clear away the contents of the spell.

Carry or wear the piece of clothing to attract your lover and let those that are attracted to you feel comfortable to come forward.

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