Spiritual Card of the Day – Dreamtime – 10th October 2018



For the aborigines of Australia, the dreamer time is a place before time and outside of time in which ancestral spirit beings came to earth and gave all of life its form. Once the work was done, these spirits remained in the very forms they created – including the animals, hills, stars, and other features of the land – and continue to be present today.

The dream time is an individuals or groups spiritual template, including songs and stories that have been handed down for at least 60,000 years – although aborigines would say that they’ve existed since the beginning of time. In one such tradition, there’s a creation story involving the didgeridoo, which is essentially a hollowed out log that emits a droning sound when played.

In this card, we see that as spirit man plays the didgeridoo, the world is sung into existence. Note the various beings and colours and structures of the land that Are being created, all carrying spirit that has been breathed into them.

Close your eyes, tune into your breathing, and allow yourself to think deeply into the heart of the living creation that you are. As you notice your breath becoming steady and slightly deeper than usual, observe the urge within you that is begging to come forth in some creative action. Pay attention to any images, sounds, or feelings that back in your awareness; and there you will find the key as to the manner in which to express this magnificent pulse.

Your breath is the crossover between spirit and physical reality. Breathing comfortably and steadily help you align yourself with spirit, which then brings a clearer focus on what creative expression is preparing to be birthed through and from you. Discard any habitual thought patterns that would prevent the manifestation of what you are being prompted to bring forth. Allow yourself to take risks with this self expression, and all of creation will smile upon you.

Card chosen from Earth Magic Oracle Deck by Steven D. Farmer